This site aims to represent all the views and ideas that surround the pole shift meme. It is owned an operated by Robert Bast, an authority on the 2012 phenomenon.

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  1. The KJV and other koine greek translations of Luke 21:11 have a part (a) and (b). The 4 translations from the Peshitta manuscripts, that I have seen, have a part (c) which reads “and the winters will be severe” Actually 2 of them have the above and 2 say severe tempests. You can look this up online for one of them at Lamsabible.com then click new testament in the first paragraph.

  2. “This would mean that the directions of sunset and sunrise would reverse, East would become West and West would become East, as described in the Bible and other ancient texts. ”

    Can you please say where in Bible it is stated? Reference to Book, Chapter and Verse would be appreciated.


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