Pole Shifts

There are two types of pole shift, and these types are quite different, so this site has two halves. As an introduction, here is a scientific overview of each:

Geomagnetic Reversal aka Magnetic Pole Shift

The Earth’s rotation and orbit are unaffected. The Earth’s crust stays where it is. The change is in the Earth’s Magnetic Field.

The magnetic field deflects particle storms and cosmic rays from the sun, as well as highly energetic subatomic particles from deep space. Without magnetic protection, these particles will strike Earth’s atmosphere, eroding our already thin ozone layer.

Every few hundred thousand years the Earth’s magnetic field dwindles almost to nothing, then gradually reappears with the north and south poles flipped. Like a giant magnet, our planet has a North and a South, and we can locate the magnetic poles with a simple compass. The most accepted model for our magnetic field is a dynamo action resulting from the movement of molten iron in our planet’s core.

Such reversals happen at intervals, ranging from tens of thousands to many millions of years, with an average interval of approximately 250,000 years. It is believed that this last occurred some 780,000 years ago, referred to as the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal. There have been a total of 184 polarity intervals (that we know of) in the last 83 million years.  The timing for each appears to be random.

At present, the overall geomagnetic field is becoming weaker. The rapid deterioration began at least 150 years ago and has recently been accelerating – with a total decrease of 10-15% over these 150 years.

Our Sun has a magnetic field, and this field reverses every solar maximum, which are approximately 11 years apart, and the next one is due in late 2012 / early 2013. While the Sun’s reversal happens at the peak of magnetic strength, here on Earth it seems to  happen when the field reaches a low point. The last official full reversal (that we know of), was 780,000 years ago – the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal. A recent “excursion” is considered by some to also qualify – the Laschamp Event was just 44,000 years ago.

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Crustal Displacement aka Physical Pole Shift

This concept is not accepted by orthodox science, although it has had some distinguished fans, including Albert Einstein. While there is evidence for displacements in relatively recent geological times, the sticking point is a lack of internal mechanism.

With a displacement, the Earth’s outer crust moves rapidly (as opposed to the extremely slow movement due to plate tectonics) and slips relative to the core. The result is that land masses end up being located at a different latitude/longitude than before the shift. A famous piece of evidence for such a shift is the graveyard of mammoths in Siberia. The mammoths were snap frozen. One specimen was chewing on a plant when he died – a plant that does not live in Arctic zones. The supposition is that the mammoths were living in a more temperate region, and a sudden pole shift transported them to the Arctic.

According to Charles Hapgood, the shifts were roughly 30-40 degrees in nature, and the last one occurred approximately 12,000 years ago.

A crustal displacement is featured in the recent blockbuster movie 2012.


There is actually a third type of pole shift, where planet Earth’s rotation reverses. This would mean that the directions of sunset and sunrise would reverse, East would become West and West would become East, as described in the Bible and other ancient texts. This is not discussed much in the modern era, primarily because a reversal of rotation is not possible without an outside agent that would either destroy the planet, or remove us from our pleasant orbit around the Sun.

9 thoughts on “Pole Shifts

  1. With only a fundamental knowledge of physics and chemistery and much interest in these subjects I have read the documents provided by the Keshe Foundation regarding his reactors (free energy from the cosmos) and have come to conclude that this technology is real and true. Also, by vertue of a new understanding of physics, when/if magnetic pole-shift occures the planet (which is firmly attached to its caroline core) will flip with it, as this has happened in the past and like what happens as a natural function within his prototype reactors as a result of magnetic/gravitational coupling.

    • The magnetic poles are always moving – many miles every year. A pole shift is when they switch hemispheres. Right now they are both pretty close to where they normally are

  2. Regarding the Bible story, I was thinking more of the velocity at the surface. Isaiah says “the high towers and lofty places [read high rises and waterfront mansions], all ships and sloops are destroyed. With the sun rising in the west it is a 180 degree flip. With stars falling as fast as figs falling to the ground, it’s enough to move your head as you watch them falling, as is watching a scroll recede. Knowing that there are survivors, is it a 10 sec or 30 second or 5 minutes travel time that replaces the normal 12 hours.

  3. The sun, during a pole reversal, sheds its old magnetic field like a snake skin according to NASA. I think of it as a snow fall of magnetic flakes. Possibly these magnetic flakes maintain enough integrity to ‘land’ at Earth and take a bit of extreme cold air down with it to land on Earth accomplishing the flash freezing necessary (450 below zero) to produce the mammoth freeze.
    One way for the instant surface temp on E to change. The sun’s magnetic field after all is speculated (again by NASA) to be much similar to a spinning rain sprinkler in action.
    But as noted above, the LesChamps reversal was a failed attempt. It accomplished only permitting high levels of cosmic radiation to enter E. The level of magnetic field was 12% of normal in the about 500-600 year event.
    I don’t wonder at the ancient Greeks reference to story heroes lugging a stone up the mountain daily to have it roll back at night. The early humans attain modern intelligence (evidence at Chauvin cave art) only to be bathed in invisible radiation that robs them of health and intelligence. What a rotten deal.
    This type of one-step forward, two back seems to be our history.
    Could there have been a time when our planet had a 90 degree axial change?

    The motivating force here is unknown. Perhaps sufficient anti matter to bring the matter/anti matter ratio up to 50-50? How this would happen is unknown.

  4. There has been a need to find an internal source for a physical shift. For well over 100 years there has been such a source, but since it received so much negativism (in the face of standard science conservatism towards a concensus) that it has not been followed to likely event. Until now. I think the linked article will give another option to how the entire earth can shift due to significant mass movements below the surface: http://eearthk.com/Articles11.html It links the Pole Shift of Hapgood and Einstein, with the “last time” the Mayans were talking about. It is not a short article, but why would one be expected? Something was missing, and perhaps now it can be added to the other findings.

  5. Reversal of rotation IS possible… Take a globe and give it a spin. As the globe is spinning, turn it upside down. You’ll notice the rotation is now in the opposite direction. The Sun rises in the West and sets in the East. The Egyptians did not Lie!

  6. There is some evidence on the earth of sudden movements of either minor plates and also major movements of land masses. In Colorado there is a park full of Red Rock that seems to have been pushed straight up from the ground in a somewhat violent manner. There are also Native american legends involving the disappearance of an intermountain lake near the Sierras. There has also been some activity noted like doming of the earth crust which is believed to be cause by movement or development of Lava domes under the earth’s crust. Last week on Jan 27 2014, a volcano erupted in Sicily accompanying falling cinders and a lava flow. This is not that rare, however Sicily is believed to be on the border between the continental plates of Europe and Africa. This could just be some simple plate grinding and releiving of preassure or it could indicate a potential a minor or major seismic and volcanic event. Many people believe that it takes hundreds of thousands of years for the crust to move very far, but it is also possible for movement on a grand scale in a short period of time.

    So has this happened in historical records before in the History of Man? There was one record of a lot of movement of the earth around the time of the death of Christ. There is a mention of quakes in the Bible but it did not mention too much specifics. However, the Book of Mormon mentions seismic activity on a major scale on the American Continent. It mentioned events like cities being covered up and mountains moving and a few other things. So consider the possibility of sudden seismic events. Maybe the earth’s crust may not flip but ther could be violent movements of the earth’s crust creating destruction on a grand scale. It does not take too much to destroy water pipes, electric lines, etc.

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