Magnetic Reversals

Scientists tell us that our magnetic poles have reversed in the past, and that they will again. The last one occurred 780,000 years ago. The average time period between reversals is 450,000 years, but there isn’t really any pattern, it is random. We are overdue by average only.

Scientists don’t really know how the process works, and are unable to predict the next reversal. They have been telling us that the process takes hundreds or thousands of years. Recent studies have shown that it can happen in the space of weeks or months, and I suggest it can happen overnight. Perhaps rapid reversals don’t leave much evidence – perhaps rapid reversals are quite common! For example, if it was normal for a double reversal to happen quickly – where the poles return to their original position – we wouldn’t know about any historical instances.

If a reversal involves a dramatic lessening of our geomagnetic field’s strength, then basically our shields are down, and cosmic rays reaching ground-level will greatly increase. Forget about navigational problems – we could be fried.


Studies have shown that pigeons have receptors in their brains that are sensitive to magnetic fields, and presumably those are a reason for their great navigation skills. It is possible that many other animals also have such receptors, but they don’t utilize them as obviously. So during a reversal, the chaos in the animal world could be significant – and of course humans are animals.

Possible Triggers

Scientists have not yet worked out what causes a magnetic reversal, but recent studies of Mercury suggest that the solar wind and particles from the Sun have an effect on planetary cores. My interpretation is that a massive solar storm could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and trigger a reversal if the Earth is ready for one. The Electric Universe folk have also suggested that a highly-charged comet passing by could also do the trick. Or perhaps ocean currents, after being affected by climate change, are the trigger? And if climate change is caused by the Sun, then that ties in nicely with the first theory.

Rapid Magnetic Changes

NASA loves telling is that a magnetic reversal takes thousands of years, and that we have nothing to fear. I suggest that NASA should pay more attention to scientific studies that suggest otherwise:

…a new study of ancient copper mines in southern Israel found that the strength of the magnetic field could double and then fall back down in less than 20 years. [Wired]


This lava, Bogue says, initially started to cool and then was heated again within a year as a fresh lava flow buried it. The fresh lava re-magnetized the crystals within the rock below, causing them to reorient themselves a whopping 53 degrees. At the rate the lava would have cooled, says Bogue, that would mean the magnetic field was changing direction at approximately 1 degree per week. [Wired]


Palaeomagnetic results from lava flows recording a geomagnetic polarity reversal at Steens Mountain, Oregon suggest the occurrence of brief episodes of astonishingly rapid field change of six degrees per day. The evidence is large, systematic variations in the direction of remanent magnetization as a function of the temperature of thermal demagnetization and of vertical position within a single flow, which are most simply explained by the hypothesis that the field was changing direction as the flow cooled. [Nature]


the spacing in time between successive flows erupted during a transition cannot be determined accurately because the errors associated with radiometric ages are typically much greater than the duration of a polarity transition. [The Magnetic Field of the Earth: Paleomagnetism, the Core, and the Deep Mantle, page 205]

The final quote suggests that we are not able to detect rapid transitions, and that estimates of durations lasting thousands of years are are a consequence of measurement limitations.


This is indisputable – the speed at which the magnetic north pole is moving (not necessarily in the same direction) has recently become much faster. Because this is the entirety of our studies, we don’t know what was normal prior to the 1500s…

Not only are the poles moving rapidly – the strength of our magnetic field is diminishing as well:

Rapid changes in the churning movement of Earth’s liquid outer core are weakening the magnetic field in some regions of the planet’s surface, a new study says.

“What is so surprising is that rapid, almost sudden, changes take place in the Earth’s magnetic field,” said study co-author Nils Olsen, a geophysicist at the Danish National Space Center in Copenhagen.

…The changes “may suggest the possibility of an upcoming reversal of the geomagnetic field,” said study co-author Mioara Mandea, a scientist at the German Research Centre for Geosciences in Potsdam. [National Geographic]


The Navigational Danger

Without our magnetic shield, technology will be more at risk from solar storms. The most at risk will be satellites – they are not designed to withstand solar storms in the absence of the magnetic field. So if our GPS satellites are knocked out, planes would be grounded.

Of course planes have old-school compasses as a backup, but these certainly will not be accurate during a magnetic pole shift. So even the possibility of GPS satellites failing would be enough to ground planes – otherwise they could lose navigation mid-flight.

Ships would face the same problems of course.

The Ozone Danger

It is expected that the Ozone Layer would disappear completely during a magnetic reversal (and return afterwards). See this NASA paper, Particle Events as a Possible Source of Large Ozone Loss during Magnetic Polarity Transitions.

Major solar storms during a reversal could cause ozone depletion. According to Wikipedia, humans would see at least 3x more incidences of skin cancer. The effects on all living things combined is hard to predict, but could be catastrophic when everything is added together.

The Power Grid Danger

One study has nominated massive solar storms as the trigger for a magnetic reversal. Another suggests global warming is the culprit – and global warming can be caused by increased solar activity. During a reversal our shields are down, and if there is a concurrent solar storm, the situation becomes worse again. Life on Earth won’t be affected in general, and societies that don’t rely on technology will be OK as well. The most modern societies would suffer terribly if the reversal is rapid. Power grids would fail (a major solar storm can wreck them, and a magnetic reversal would be much worse). With no electricity there is no water, no sewage being pumped, no gas stations operating, no deliveries of food. Emergency services will be compromised and unable to make much of a difference. Certainly millions would die, and a billion people would face great difficulties. Only those who have sensibly prepared by storing food and water will be able to cope.

The Cosmic Ray Danger

Detailed calculations confirm that, if the Earth’s dipole field disappeared entirely (leaving the quadrupole and higher components), most of the atmosphere could be reached by high energy particles. However, the atmosphere would stop them. Instead there would be secondary radiation of 10Be or 36Cl from collisions of cosmic rays with the atmosphere. There is evidence that this occurs both during secular variation and during reversals. [Wikipedia]

Our geomagnetic field is responsible for blocking out roughly 50% of cosmic rays [Nature]… so if our “shields are down”, cosmic radiation would double. While this would lead to increased mutations, double the current rate is nothing to worry about. However, two of the possible triggers for a magnetic pole shift are a result of increases in solar activity. This could result in an increased in charged particles from the Sun reaching Earth as well. And that could spell trouble.

7 thoughts on “Magnetic Reversals

  1. Thanks for the information on this site. In the scenario where the dipole field disapears and solar particles and cme’s are earth directed, how long do you think we would be in that vunerable position for? Days, weeks, months? Also, where is magnetic north now?

    • Nobody knows how long a magnetic pole shift will take. If it is rapid (days, weeks) then it is expected that the dipole will be gone for that period. If it takes decades, then the shift could be so gradual that we stay safe. But nobody fully knows how this all works, so it is best to expect the worst.

  2. I simply wana in this tym no öne would be who do wrong things to humaninty the person’s would face real threat and the person’s meditating would only be saved and after this pole shift there would be a golden period in which there would’nt be any wrong things done ! And i to am waitin for that golden period ! My waheguru would save all the person’s who meditates him and all others would be finished in a blink of eye ! And one thing more please start meditating if u realy wana save ur lyf ! That’s it and waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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  5. I tried to register but got stuck on the question about water, I tried boiled, purified, filtered, stored but none of those worked. I do however have some information I would like to share. lately my ears have been killing me, there is a massive increase in pressure. I can’t sleep well and have been getting some profound insights. there will be a period of instability. It will speed up as you stated, there will be geographic anomolies and different parts of the world will experience several blasts of magnetic anomolies. similar to that of the sun and its flairs but in magnetic form meaning like the video you just posted of Arizona, lighting storms, wind storms, ice storms in freak and sudden places. getting worse and worse but as fast it happens it will slow again to almost normal… but the sun will not rise in the west… what you will see however is the continents slowly changing direction instead of them gradually moving west to east, they will start moving more rapidly from east to west then slowing again. the continents that are closer to the equator will move the fastest. I would expect massive amounts of volcanic activity as well. keep in mind volcanic islands do not move unless something else acts upon them like another continent. to prove this correct, which I already know is. get good core and soil samples from the british isles dead volcanic craters and see if the debris that created them came from icelands volcanic funnels. iceland just grew a new island similar to hawaii. but the british isles are closer to iceland so therefore distance being shortend will be easier to measure. I suggest you keep a diary to pass on to your children and their children… there are not enough ancient records kept due to conflict between rival powers and your computer will be obsolete.. seems too many in the past destroyed really good resources that we could have used today, lets hope the next generation of civilization learns peace. Meditate. the answers are there if you open yourself up to listen.

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