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  • – not updated in a long-time, a half-finished site looking at the for/against arguments of a Hapgood poleshift.

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  1. Hi: I am a retired engineer in ND. I viewed a large planetary body entering the solar system in 2002 with an 8″ telescope. The coordinates (dec. & ra) were being published in the form of a position chart for that several month period of where to look in the night sky to see this object.
    After 2003 this object entered the day time sky closer to the sun than the Earth’s orbit. I have watched it on the SOHO daily NASA photos since then where it appears as a winged globe with a debris tail. It can be seen during the day naked eye in the sky at times and the video and still photos are viral on the web. Since it passed by the sun it has now come to a distance of 30 million miles from the earth and will probably pass by at a shorter distance during the next months. – c –

    • so let’s get this straight .. this “object” got from outside of the orbit of Neptune to inside the orbit of earth within twelve months? could you please provide statistical data to back up your claim, possibly in the form of links to the SOHO daily NASA photos and orbital data?

  2. There is an incredible amount of evidence pointing to a major pole shift approximately one half-precession cycle back – around 12,900 years ago. The “end of the Ice Age,” (for the pole centered on Hudson Bay, at least) the Pleistocene Extinction, the Usselo Horizon, Plato’s date for Atlantis, the abrupt changes in North Atlantic ocean temperature, and rainfall in the Sahara… the many “equators” of ancient coral criss-crossing the planet, the Steens Mountain lava showing ions in the hardening lava changing orientation at a rate of six degrees per day (North itself was moving) – the list goes on and on for evidence of previous pole shifts.

    I have also analyzed our ancestors’ descriptions of past pole shifts and the astronomical clues they left us in monuments, myths, religions, and prophecies – to date the next pole shift. India’s Rig Veda, Egypt’s Book of the Dead, the Mayan Popul Vuh, and many other ancient sources give clues pointing to 2019. But the bible gives more specific astronomical clues to date the upcoming pole shift than every other source combined – confirming a Judgment Day pole shift in late December 2019. If interested, look up “End Times and 2019”

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